bolt drilling

After the frame was in the trailer, I had to drill holes through the frame and rigid foam board so that they could be bolted to the trailer. This was one of the hardest parts since it required very precise measuring to know where to drill so that it would line up with the pre-drilled holes in the trailer. There were washers welded to either side of the holes in the trailer but in some cases they weren’t lined up precisely so I ended up having to drill through a lot of metal, which is not easy. Plus there is something extremely disconcerting about pulling a screaming drill with a 5/8″ bit as hard as you can right toward your heart! The bit would bind and flip the drill around. I had bruises all up and down my forearms. My neighbor, Steffen, taught me that if the hole isn’t quite straight, you can put a nut on the bolt so that it’s supported on each end and pound it with a hammer to put a slight curve in it. After I got all 10 bolts in with washers, I added some lock-tite and, as an added precaution, stripped the threads on the end so the nuts wouldn’t come loose. I then taped over the head of the bolt so the hole inside the bay was sealed.

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