trailer plan

Working on my trailer plan. I started off going old school with pencil and graph paper but eventually switched over to 3D modeling using SketchUp (see post below for how to learn this free program).

I did my own designs after lots of research and careful mentoring by Dee Williams and the PAD (Portland Alternative Dwellings) crew via their workshops and by hiring them as consultants.

If you are thinking about creating your own designs, or modifying ones you’ve purchased, I highly recommend getting good guidance from experts. Take workshops to know what you’re getting into. Hire professionals to make sure your house will be structurally safe and sound, including proper framing and tie-downs; safe electrical, propane and plumbing systems; and appropriate insulation approaches for your climate so that you don’t get mold and rot. Be smart and don’t risk your health and safety or that of others!

These are an odd assortment of posts written as I went through my design process (which is still evolving):

Designing sparefully – a manifesto of sorts

Naj Haus: evolution of a tiny house design

On roofs and beds: a fashion parade of tiny house styles

On bitterns and tiny house parking: putting your best foot forward

Sheer madness, shear strength

What’s your nest size?

Trundling along…

On plumbing, meditation & healthful hearts

Designing a tiny house in SketchUp: tutorials & resources

The Introvert and the Tiny House

Designing viscerally   (posted on

Tassajara, twigs & ten tiny thoughts  (includes advice for those about to build)


Working in SketchUp

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