grunge rafters

Rafters going up.

After spending several months working on the design for Naj Haus and learning how one actually goes about building a tiny house, I started construction in late June 2013. My build site is in Oregon and I’m currently living in California, so it’s going up in fits and starts as I can get time off work. Fortunately I don’t have any real deadlines to worry about.

I’ve learned so much from other tiny houser blogs so I wanted to share some of my experiences, with a focus on those things I found particularly tricky. I am definitely not an expert so take everything with a grain of salt and do your own research; these are merely to get you thinking.

So far my posts of the construction process seem to fall into three categories:


(probably only of interest if you are building your own tiny or you like to geek out on architecture. Note: I’ve gotten behind on these but the chronicles below include some technical info.)

Gulp…I ordered my trailer!!

The eagle has landed: the trailer comes home to roost

Floor construction: what lurks beneath


BUILD STINT CHRONICLES – experiential overviews with lessons learned

Blood, sweat, tears, blueberries & the most awesome three wall ever…

Chapter 1:  June 21 – July 21, 2013

  • floor framing and attachment to trailer, wall framing


“Raise high the roofbeams, carpenters!”
Chapter 2:   Aug 21 – Sept 10, 2013

  • wall sheathing, temporary loft, ridgeboard raising, rafters


Autumnal sheathing: slowing down, buttoning up, closing in
Chapter 3:   Nov 7 – Dec 3, 2013

  • rafter blocking and ties, gable end framing and sheathing, flying rafters/overhangs, skylight framing, roof sheathing

up the old year, toasting in the new
Chapter 4:  Dec 20, 2013 – Jan 6, 2014

  • skylight curbs, roof membrane and exterior insulation, house wrapping, enclosing eaves, fascia

On becoming
Chapter 5:  Feb 13 – Feb 25, 2014

  • finished fascia, metal roof, windows and flashing

Leaves, sneeze and at least the eaves blossom
Chapter 6:  Apr 10 – Apr 22, 2014  (but was only able to build a couple days)

  • finished enclosing gable end eaves


(for those of you who want to follow along with the convoluted things I think about as I build)

Doing justice to complexity: a love affair with a tiny house

Telling our stories: radical acts of inspiration  (posted on wherein I talk about the importance of keeping a construction journal and/or blog)


moth measured

The measure of a moth.

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