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The eagle has landed: the trailer comes home to roost

Iron Eagle Trailers

Now things are starting to get real. Last weekend I picked up my trailer and delivered it to my parents’ garage, where I will start my build this summer. Lots of excitement around that, as well as some nervousness and a funny sort of limbo feeling since it’s still a little ways off. I’m also realizing just how much research and final design work I need to do in the next few months!

Since I’ve found it very helpful to read about other tiny houser experiences, I thought I’d pass on what I learned about buying and towing a tiny house trailer. Continue reading

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Gulp…I ordered my trailer!!

As any tiny houser knows, ordering the trailer is a big deal because:

1. It’s a significant outlay of cash. Along with windows and roof (depending on how you go), it’s one of the most expensive items in a tiny house.

2. Even though I won’t start building until this summer, this is the equivalent to breaking ground and pouring the foundation of a regular house (I ordered it now because the manufacturer gets busy as summer approaches, plus I needed some exact measurements to finish my designs).

3. I’m now locked into the length (16′).

4. And most importantly, I’ve now taken the first real, committed step toward my future tiny house!
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